Bill Moss Endorses William Douglass

I am proud to offer my endorsement to William Douglass for the position of Collier County Commissioner, District 1.

I have worked with William and know first-hand his leadership abilities, knowledge of Collier County, and understand of the needs of our diverse citizenry. I have known him for 23 years and recognize his commitment to serve the people of Collier County.

He has lived and worked in Collier County for over 30 years. He has a unique ability to understand the many complex issues he will face as our representative on the Collier County Commission. He is honest; he had demonstrated integrity throughout his working career; and he has good decision-making skills.

William cannot be coerced into making policy decisions that will harm his constituents. He will listen, study, consider options, and then make informed decisions to ensure that residents in District 1 will benefit.

While I respect the other candidates who are seeking the seat for District 1, none have the depth of experience living and working, raising a family, supporting youths, assisting the elderly; and understanding the diverse neighborhoods and communities in Collier County.

William Douglass has earned admiration and respect through his life-long commitment to the people of Collier County. He deserves our support as the best candidate for District 1’s representative on the Collier County Commission.


Bill Moss