We Need Your Help – Get Petitions Signed – Revised, No longer needed – We Qualified

William Douglass – Working For You

We really need your help! We have suspended our ground game of door to door and personal public outreach in order to comply with President Trump and Governor Ron DeSantis requests to practice “Social Distancing.”

We are close, but need your help to get the required number of petitions to put William Douglass on the ballot.

If we don’t get the required number of petitions, it will cost $5,000 to get our name on the ballot. That is $5,000 that won’t be available to fund other activities of the campaign to ensure victory so you can have a commissioner that has lived in this community for 34 years, sacrificed during times of difficulty protecting the community, and has an overall common sense that our community needs.

Make sure William Douglass is your next commissioner.

Download the Petition by clicking the link below.

Four Ways to Help

  1. Fill it out and call us and we’ll come get it on your doorstop, or tape it to your door so we can keep our 6 ft. distance.
  2. Fax it to us at 239-325-1128
  3. Scan the filled out petition, and email to us at electdouglassdistrict1@gmail.com
  4. Or mail to 600 St. Andrews Blvd. Naples FL 34113.

This post has removed the petition – We already qualified by petition.