One Victory Down for Concrete Crusher – One More to Go with Air Curtain Incinerator

Concrete Crushing

Due to public pressure being applied, the application to install a Concrete Crusher on the Riggs Road has been withdrawn. Thank you for your assistance in making the opposition numbers large and our voices to be heard.

This victory hasn’t stopped the application to greatly intensify the use for commercial uses. An application has been filed to Collier County to install an Air Curtain Incinerator (ACI).

The ACI application would include the legal right to accept yard debris, mulching it, and selling it.

The ACI is a forced air system that is blows air over the top of the incineration process to remove particles that may be released into the air such as ash.
The process is to make to soil, mulch and produce energy.

Air Curtain Incinerator

While this process has shown good results in minimizing pollutants, it still isn’t appropriate in an area so close to residential communities, There could also be danger and risk from particles being released into the air and groundwater near agricultural properties.

We will continue to stay on top of this issue and ask for your participation when appropriate, to stop this intensified commercial use near our community.

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