As a life-long first responder, I endorse William Douglass to lead our community into the future.

The issues we face today need someone with first-hand, local knowledge of emergency responses, someone that has local business background to understand what our business community is dealing with and most important our what local families face as a result of the changes in our culture.

William Douglass has lived in East Naples for 35 years, owned and operated businesses here, raised his family here, supported local schools here for over 30 years tirelessly worked to serving others during emergencies, putting himself last and others first during hurricanes, fires, medical calls and his volunteer work.

As William’s supervisor for approximately 20 years, I found William to be one of the most intelligent, caring, dependable and reliable members of my shift. Whatever needed to be done he was willing and capable of doing it, even if it meant risking his life to rescue others.

I have no doubt that William Douglass has the knowledge, education, experience, integrity and compassion to lead as a County Commissioner. Elect William Douglass on August 18th and you will also see what he is capable of accomplishing.

Leo Davis
Retired Chief of Operations
East Naples Fire Dept