Riggs Road Win for Residents

A WIN for the environment and residents

Riggs Road Site

Application Rejected, Needed More Information. However, it isn’t over

Thank you for joining me in objecting to the conditional use permit application making its way through the process for 11820 Riggs Road.

This application will impact homeowners in East Naples and the environment. East Naples is beautiful and we want to keep it that way.

This project is not a compatible use of this property, it is risky, dangerous, noisy, impact air quality and impact the surrounding area property

About the Rejection Letter

The County issued a rejection courtesy letter to the applicant’s Richdale Recycling regarding insufficient information with the application. Additional information is being requested and questions must be answered before the process can move forward. While not a comprehensive list, all of the reviews must be completed prior to being resubmitted. They cannot resubmit a partial response it will not be accepted.

What’s Next

On April 15th, after meeting with several residents I called Code Enforcement to issue a complaint regarding the current operations and their history of non-compliance.

Code enforcement visited on April 15th and was told they have a current business tax receipt for a nursery. However, in the application submitted, it was stated that a nursery is not on site. This conflicts with the information that was provided by code enforcement as only a nursery should be doing business at this location. They are asked to give a detailed description on the current daily activities and operations. This should be interesting to see how they answer.

All of the pressure we are placing on them looks like it is working as they are having to be VERY transparent with what they are doing and how they are doing it.

Review the letter in its entirety here.

Once resubmitted, staff will analyze the petition and the recommendation will be contained in the staff report prepared for the Collier County Planning Commission. If they do not resubmit within six months, the application can be considered closed. That six months period begins on May 14th.

I will continue to monitor this and plan to champion the charge to stop this with your help.