Smart Growth for SWFL Endorses Douglass


One of our important programs is to be able endorse candidates for office whom we believe will support Smart Growth planning for new developments, as well as any significant redevelopment. We do this by carefully reviewing each candidate’s credentials, as well as conducting personal interviews to learn what their goals are with respect to land use planning. In Collier and Lee Counties, that means for the upcoming August 18 primary, as well as for the general election on November 3. Specific endorsements are listed below.

Collier County, District 1: In the August 18 Republican primary for Collier County Commissioner in District 1, we believe the person who should be elected is William Douglass (, whom we are supporting for several important reasons.

  • He has lived and worked in District 1 for over 32 years.
  • He believes in managed, fiscally responsible growth.
  • He understands the costs to you and all Naples residents of the uncontrolled growth we are experiencing.
  • Quality of life and protecting the environment are important priorities for him.
  • He is not a lobbyist, nor does he have any connections to major land holders in the county.
  • He has been endorsed by Donna Fiala