Working Together – We Can Accomplish Alot – Here’s Proof

Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Meade

It’s working but our work is not over!  Working with you and our neighbors we have been successful in reducing the impacts to our quality of life and safety, with respect to a proposed concrete crushing operation in East Naples.  We have had various successes, thanks to you.

Here is a comparison from the 2019 submitted request and the most recent resubmission.

2019 Original plan July 1, 2020 Current Plan
·         Air Curtain Incinerator ·         Removed from the request
·         Retail Sales of Mulch ·         Removed from the request, wholesale only
·         Office for Onsite Sales ·         Removed from the request
·         Concrete Crushing Onsite ·         Removed from the request
·         Collection of Construction Debris ·         Removed from the request
·         Operation 7 days a week ·         Removed Sunday from request, and Saturday limited hours
·         No reporting requirements ·         Quarterly reports are to be provided to Collier County Solid Waste Department
·         No submission of State permits ·         Required to obtain State and Federal Permits prior to development.
·         Wood Chipper operating daily ·         Reduced the use to as needed.
·         Submitted as a mulch processing facility ·         New application collection and transfer site for resource recovery

We must watch this application very carefully as it changes, daily.  Recently was advised the application was pulled entirely and saw their resubmitted a modified application, just today!

We are not done yet!  This is a fight for our future!  It will take an experienced local community leader that has already been working for you to continue this fight!

For the residents of RIGGS Road, this additional traffic from deliveries, pick ups and operations impact their safety for traveling along a 2-lane narrow road.  How would you feel if this were on your street?

The operation of the site currently utilizes and will continue to utilize a front-end loader, screening plant, water truck, and backhoe. The facility will also utilize a woodchipper/mulching machine on an as-needed basis. The equipment will not be run continuously. It will only be run during hours of operation on an as-needed basis, approximately once per month for 5-7 days at a time.