Time to Decide

How to decide?

Look for experienced local leadership, mentoring, philanthropy, first responder planning and response to emergencies, and that has historic knowledge here.

Who will carry the torch that will continue the past 20 years of dedicated community service Commissioner Donna Fiala has provided.

This election is not about the deepest pockets, slickest presentation, fastest talker, or a plethora of mailed postcards with staged photos, it IS about PEOPLE!

William Douglass’ civic life and first responder career in District 1 for 35 years has afforded him the opportunity to get to know the residents, understand what they like and dislike, listen to their frustrations and their ideas. His strong understanding of what has happened in our history will provide the understanding to properly address the issues our County is facing. No other candidate has this institutional knowledge.

The words of Abraham Lincoln spoken at Gettysburg, “that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth” ring more today than ever.

The County Commission’s main purpose is to protect the life and safety of its residents. Every decision made should be done so, answering “How does this impact the resident’s quality of life and safety?”

Douglass is the only candidate with local emergency response experience that will best serve the County at this critical historic moment.

District 1 is his home. he’s lived, worked and played for over three decades in this community.

That knowledge and demonstrated service to the residents, organizations, and agencies, plus his experience as a restaurant manager, a business owner, volunteer and his tenure as a first responder will help to address future challenges with determination and fight.

He is not a politician, he is a career District 1 public servant that will continue working for you, the people.

# 2 on the ballot, #1 for the people, please Elect William Douglass on August 18th