Smart Growth for SWFL Endorses Douglass


One of our important programs is to be able endorse candidates for office whom we believe will support Smart Growth planning for new developments, as well as any significant redevelopment. We do this by carefully reviewing each candidate’s credentials, as well as conducting personal interviews to learn what their goals are with respect to land use planning. In Collier and Lee Counties, that means for the upcoming August 18 primary, as well as for the general election on November 3. Specific endorsements are listed below.

Collier County, District 1: In the August 18 Republican primary for Collier County Commissioner in District 1, we believe the person who should be elected is William Douglass (, whom we are supporting for several important reasons.

  • He has lived and worked in District 1 for over 32 years.
  • He believes in managed, fiscally responsible growth.
  • He understands the costs to you and all Naples residents of the uncontrolled growth we are experiencing.
  • Quality of life and protecting the environment are important priorities for him.
  • He is not a lobbyist, nor does he have any connections to major land holders in the county.
  • He has been endorsed by Donna Fiala

Tom Cramer Endorses Douglass

Commissioner Donna Fiala Endorses Douglass

Dr. Robert B. Tober Endorses Douglass

As an Emergency Medical Physician, I have worked with Greater Naples Fire Department as their Medical Director for several years. Throughout that time, I witnessed Lt. William Douglass not only participate in lifesaving training, but also contribute to improving Fire Department protocols. His commitment toward ensuring the highest level of standards and care were met is well documented.

Over his 30 years, he received multiple “phoenix” awards for successful resuscitation of a victim of cardiac arrest. These patients were clinically dead, with no heartbeat or breathing, and brought back to life through his highly trained efforts.

His real-life experience has given him valuable insight and knowledge, which he continues to use to benefit the community. We need the leadership, and reliability of William Douglass as our next District One County Commissioner.

Dr. Robert B. Tober, MD
Naples, FL


As a life-long first responder, I endorse William Douglass to lead our community into the future.

The issues we face today need someone with first-hand, local knowledge of emergency responses, someone that has local business background to understand what our business community is dealing with and most important our what local families face as a result of the changes in our culture.

William Douglass has lived in East Naples for 35 years, owned and operated businesses here, raised his family here, supported local schools here for over 30 years tirelessly worked to serving others during emergencies, putting himself last and others first during hurricanes, fires, medical calls and his volunteer work.

As William’s supervisor for approximately 20 years, I found William to be one of the most intelligent, caring, dependable and reliable members of my shift. Whatever needed to be done he was willing and capable of doing it, even if it meant risking his life to rescue others.

I have no doubt that William Douglass has the knowledge, education, experience, integrity and compassion to lead as a County Commissioner. Elect William Douglass on August 18th and you will also see what he is capable of accomplishing.

Leo Davis
Retired Chief of Operations
East Naples Fire Dept


I wholeheartedly endorse William Douglass for County Commissioner District 1.

As former Chief of the East Naples Fire Control and Rescue District, I can say with first-hand knowledge Lt. William Douglass has the highest work ethic, knowledge, integrity, compassion, dedication and commitment to others. As a first responder, when the alarm sounds, you have a unique look into one’s community, mostly on the worst days many will experience.

William is amazing in crisis. He remains calm, quickly puts a plan in action for response, communicates that to all involved and adjusts to any changes as needed. If someone can do all of this in response to an emergency, think about what he will be able to do every day for the citizens of Copeland, East Naples, Goodland, Isles of Capri and Marco Island.

William has been known to take food, bedding, and toys back to a family he encountered on shift. Proof he is genuinely dedicated to serving others first before himself. No other candidate has this level of interaction with the citizens of this community for over 30 years.

William served on the fire district’s apparatus committee for 15 years. This experience proved he is committed to fiscal responsibility and common-sense solutions. When designing a fire truck to meet the needs of the crew he did so keeping taxpayer’s money in mind.

William is a great attentive listener. You will not find someone who will work harder and be the voice of the people in our District. I could always count on him and so can you. You have a choice on August 18, 2020 and it is very clear, vote for William Douglass for Collier County Commissioner, District 1 and put him to work for YOU.


Robert “Bob” Schank

Former Fire Chief, East Naples Fire Rescue and Control District

International Association of Fire Fighters Endorsess Douglass

Dear Brother Douglass:

As you know, the International Association of Fire Fighters has worked to advance the interests of its 300,000 plus members for 80 years.

To serve this purpose, one of the IAFF’s principle endeavors is to elect its own members to public office.

IAFF members have first-hand knowledge of issues that allow fire fighters and emergency medical personnel to safely serve their communities and provide for their families.

On behalf of the International Association of fire Fighters, I am pleased to enclose a FIREPAC contribution in the amount of $1,000 to assist you in your campaign efforts.

We wish you the best of luck and look forward to working with you in the future.

Sincerely, and fraternally,

Harold A. Schaitberger

General President

Bill Moss Endorses William Douglass

I am proud to offer my endorsement to William Douglass for the position of Collier County Commissioner, District 1.

I have worked with William and know first-hand his leadership abilities, knowledge of Collier County, and understand of the needs of our diverse citizenry. I have known him for 23 years and recognize his commitment to serve the people of Collier County.

He has lived and worked in Collier County for over 30 years. He has a unique ability to understand the many complex issues he will face as our representative on the Collier County Commission. He is honest; he had demonstrated integrity throughout his working career; and he has good decision-making skills.

William cannot be coerced into making policy decisions that will harm his constituents. He will listen, study, consider options, and then make informed decisions to ensure that residents in District 1 will benefit.

While I respect the other candidates who are seeking the seat for District 1, none have the depth of experience living and working, raising a family, supporting youths, assisting the elderly; and understanding the diverse neighborhoods and communities in Collier County.

William Douglass has earned admiration and respect through his life-long commitment to the people of Collier County. He deserves our support as the best candidate for District 1’s representative on the Collier County Commission.


Bill Moss

Marvin C. Cecil for Douglass

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is my personal recommendation for William Douglass. I have had both a personal and professional relationship with both Lisa and William for over 25 years. William’s dedication to the community was evident from the moment he started helping the Naples Jaycees, to becoming president, turning it into a great organization after years of dormancy. It is was a pleasure to see as my father was also a past president of the Naples Jaycees, and I knew how passionate he was about the Jaycees.

William was always going over and beyond in order to provide a service to our community. William is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate to the necessary authorities what actions have been made to improve or improve the situation. A fine representative of our Greater Naples Fire District and upstanding member of our community.

I highly recommend William Douglass for District 1 Collier County Commissioner. He is a team player and would make a great asset to our County Commission. His integrity, determination and
dedication to doing the right thing, is much needed in our community.

Marvin C. Cecil
Cecil’s Copy Express

Jeff Page Endorses William Douglass

Jeff Page

“I want to go on record as endorsing William Douglass for the office of County Commissioner.

William has worked for thirty years for this community as a firefighter, driver engineer, Lieutenant and a Battalion Chief for the Greater Naples Fire Department.

His tenure is a testament to a civil servant.

Beyond a doubt, William is the most qualified person to run for a County Commissioner in years. As a leader in the fire service, a businessman, and more importantly not a politician, he will work for us.

In all he does, William exemplifies honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness. He will use those qualities to create a better balance between the people and County discussions that face District 1.

As a taxpayer in the district, I am voting for him, we need William now more than ever. He represents us!

— Jeff Page, Chairman Greater Naples Fire District