• Work full-time as a result-oriented commissioner

  • Employ fiscal, common sense leadership

  • Protect clean water, air, and pristine coastlines

To address road congestion and
improve traffic flow

As Collier’s population continues to grow, it is vital the county take a comprehensive and cooperative approach to infrastructure planning.

To preserve our environment and
improve your quality of life

I believe in safeguarding our precious natural resources – clean water, clean air and pristine waterways and coastlines.

To expand business and
enlarge Collier’s tax base

We must create a thriving atmosphere for business development and expand the commercial tax base that is currently shouldered by residential taxes.

My dedication to the area, for my family, and neighbors of 34 years will be strong as I continue the work to improve the quality of life for our community.

See why so many community leaders and the IAFF Local 2887 Fire Professionals support

William Douglass

For Collier County Commissioner District 1


Endorsed by Past State President Jared W. Smith of the Tennessee Junior Chamber.

William Douglass is a fine person. He would be a HUGE asset…

Rob Popoff (Former Marco Island City Council Chairman)- Endorses Douglass

William has a proven track record of moral, ethical, non-biased…

Dr. Lisa McGarity Endorses William Douglass for Commissioner

William Douglass is professional, fair and reasonable working…
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