Working for You

My name is William Douglass and I am a proud results-oriented conservative Republican.

In 1984 I moved from Ohio to Collier County to manage a local restaurant. In 1987, I completed my fire service training and after 30 years of service, recently retired as a lieutenant with the Greater Naples Fire District. I am proud to have served my community, both professionally and civically, and with my wife of 30 years, Lisa, raised two amazing children.

My life’s work has been involved in making our community a better and a safer place to live. I believe talk without action means little. Character, dedication and commitment to others is the fingerprint we leave behind on what we touch. Service to others first is my credo.

As a first responder, I saw first-hand the various needs in our community – needs that too often remained unmet. In 1989, I helped reestablish the Naples Jaycees after several years of dormancy. As president, I listened to this community, rallied my membership and established a July 4th Fireworks and Festival that raised funding to meet the needs of our community.

The Jaycee Creed states that faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life…and service to humanity is the best work of life. My life embodies this. I have worked with youth organizations and countless local and national agencies. From veterans to disaster victims, I have assisted individuals in crisis to improve their lives.

I believe in fiscal responsibility and common-sense solutions not bureaucratic ones. As County Commissioner I will preserve our low tax rate, sustain our quality of life and safety, improve traffic flow, control growth and advocate for workforce, GAP, and senior housing.

I believe in safeguarding our precious natural resources – clean water, clean air and pristine coastlines. I will work to attract and retain local businesses to expand the tax base and ensure continued funding and revitalization in District 1.

Service is in my blood. It is the main reason I am running for District 1 Commissioner. My tenure is a testament to my unwavering support for my community. Retiring made me realize I am not done yet – I have more to give.

I can’t do this without you, I need your vote.

Vote for me if you want a full-time commissioner with 35 years of knowledge, experience and community service. Elect William Douglass as your next District 1 commissioner on August 18 and put me to work for you.